Choice of Romance

Choice of Romance

Will you find adventure or woo the king?!


  • Fun scenarios
  • Choose character details yourself


  • Text-based adventures are not for everyone
  • No configuration options
  • Can't save or move back and forward in game

Not bad

Choice of Romance is a text-based adventure for your Android phone that sees you play the part of a young noble who comes to the Royal Court looking for adventure, but who ends up catching the monarch's eye.

Text-based adventures are increasingly popular, and although they're not to everyone's taste, they can be fun if you're looking to pass the time. Choice of Romance is very simple - the writing is acceptable, although not exactly literary genius, but the storyline is fun and the interactive choices will keep you guessing.

There are very few options when playing Choice of Romance - except for the choices contained inside the game, of course. The Show Stats option doesn't seem to work (although it does on the online version) and there are no other configuration settings.

Text adventures are not to everyone's taste, but if you like them, Choice of Romance is a fun, detailed game that will definitely keep you guessing.

Choice of Romance


Choice of Romance

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